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Reversing climate change. Building materials that clean the atmosphere from CO2


For each ton of cement, 800kg CO2 is released to the atmosphere causing global warming and all consequences for humans and nature that follows. The cement industry emits almost 10% of the greenhouse gases worldwide every year and will continue to heavily increase due to urbanization of an increasing population.


Producing climate neutral, and even climate negative, cement-based building materials. CemVision’s process includes using recycled waste material as a raw material, outtake of virgin limestone is minimised, and the cement kiln process is electrified.





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Marcus Olsson: CEO, Market and Finance.
Marcus is a sustainability professional with extensive experience within business development and sourcing. 20 years experience from international business development, 10 years living abroad in Romania and China, and with operations in surrounding countries, including positions at IKEA, Atlas Copco, SEB & Heidelbergcement.

Claes Kollberg: CTO, Production and Product Development
Claes has 18 years of experience within cement production in Africa and Sweden, development climate cements, electrification, CO2 capture, as well as working with HYBRIT.

Paul Sandberg. PhD in Building Materials
Paul is an entrepreneur and inventor based in the US with more than 12 US patents and a large global research network in the field of cement and concrete. Paul has experience in several startups including Carbon Cure, a Canadian company supported by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and Calmetrix, US where Paul is currently an owner and VP.