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Circular B2B market platform for used lithium-ion batteries


Lithium-ion battery production will soon emit twice as much greenhouse gas emissions as Sweden. Meanwhile, their supply chains gravely disrespect human rights and creates significant geopolitical imbalance. The battery supply chains are not circular because the ecosystem is fragmented and the recycling and remanufacturing industries lack the clear cut waste-streams they need to scale. Hence, batteries get stuck in hazardous storage at dismantlers, workshops and in warehouses.


A circular market platform for used lithium-ion batteries. Reuse can extend lifetime by many years, reducing the need for new batteries. Recycling can reduce dependency on today’s supply chains, while cutting energy consumption by 50% and emissions by up to 80%. However, batteries are not circular due to the fractioned ecosystem and inability to value batteries. Cling removes this friction, enabling reuse and recycling at scale.





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William Bergh: CEO, leading Business Development, Sales, Fundraising and Recruitment
William has unique experience in battery recycling strategies from Northvolt, in battery design from founding Lund University's first electric race team and in leadership from acting CEO for One Month at the Adecco Group. 

Mauro Avellaneda, Full-Stack developer
Mauro studied law at Universidad Siglo 21, but found his passion in software development and sustainability when visiting Sweden in 2019.

Ebba Bratt: Head of Impact and Sustainability Strategy (part-time, studying)
Ebba is an M.Sc Student in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Gunnar Magnusson: COO
Gunnar has 35 years of extraordinary experience at Volvo Cars, both developing and leading the end-of-life electric vehicle battery processes. He is a global expert when it comes to remanufacturing, optimising circularity and business development.