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End-to-end digital platform enabling global agricultural commodity trade for farmers and industries


Most industries require some agricultural commodity as raw material for their production. Many of these commodities can be sourced from Africa as the continent makes up 60% of the world’s arable lands. However, many industries across the world have difficulties sourcing commodities from African farmers due to the broken value chain, under investments and middlemen antics that makes agriculture in Africa undesirable for farmers and global buyers.


An end-to-end digital marketplace that enables global industries to source agriculture commodities, grown to their specifications, from farmers all over the world using IoT, big data and blockchain technology. It enables market access and eliminates middlemen. Farmers are monitored by IoT devices and satellite data and given real-time agronomic insights. Buyers are able to place and monitor their orders in accordance with needs and build trusted supply chains.




B2B & B2C

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Desmond Koney: CEO, leading Business Strategy and Product Design
Desmond is a mechanical engineer and product designer, with focus on process optimization, product development and strategy development and implementation and challenging old norms to problem solving. 

Godfred Mintah: CFO
Godfred is an experienced financial manager and accountant, with several years experience within leading finance departments and credit control.  

Peter Yefi: CTO
Peter is a successful software engineer and data science enthusiast. +3 years experience in Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya and US with ample contributions towards the implementation of cutting-edge software systems and data platforms in various establishments including IBM's Trustworthy AI Pentathlon project.

Mark Arhin: Chief Agronomist
Mark works at the Ministry for Food and Agriculture in Ghana and is a PhD candidate in Agriculture at the University of South Africa.