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An online platform for insurance, telemedicine, doctor house calls, and pharmacy services


The Nigerian health care system is in shambles, rife with fraudulent doctors and counterfeit medications and less than 5% of Nigerians have health insurance. Those who cannot afford private care seek treatment from different facilities that are either poor-quality (public facilities), prohibitively expensive (private HMOs) or limited in coverage (telemedicine platforms).


A user-friendly app that connects patients to low-cost health plans, medications  and doctors. With only a phone and an internet connection, users can have access to a team of over 5,000 medical professionals spread across the country. CribMD aims to improve access to high-quality, low-cost care in Nigeria, and reduce financial instability due to health debt.





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Ifeanyi Ossai - CEO. Leads Product Vision, Architecture, and  Business development
Ossai has a strong track record of success aligning enterprise functions towards meeting goals, exceeding financial commitments, and scaling hyper-growth with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and revenue generation. Prior to this, he and Mike started and grew a chain of clinics in Nigeria. When they could not keep up with demand, the idea for CribMD was born.

Michael Ngiri - CTO. The Technical Lead and manages the developer team
Michael has years of experience in fields of Electrical Engineering and Software Engineering, focusing on creating software solutions for individuals, corporations and industries. 

Lorna Johnson, CFO
Lorna is CribMD’s resident health expert as well as the head of financial operations. Lorna also runs a chain of health care clinics in the US.