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Personalizing learning resources to improve learning outcomes


About 200 million students in Africa (9 out of every 10 students in primary and secondary schools) are in school but not learning. One of the root causes is learning gaps not being detected early. Report cards come when it's too late while homework is mostly manual and does not afford teachers real-time or targeted intervention.


Gradely offers students personalized and curriculum-aligned practice, video lessons and on-demand tutoring. Based on performance on diagnostic or homework assessment, students get learning recommendations daily. Parents and teachers are able to track improvement and mastery on a topic-by-topic basis.





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Boye Oshinaga, CEO, leads Strategy, Fundraising and Operations
Boye is a second-time founder who helped build Riby- an app that automates savings groups- into a product with 3 million users and $1 million in annual revenue. Earlier in his professional career, Boye helped launch Nigeria’s first online MBA program with 1,000 students in its inaugural class and $1 million+ in revenue in its first year. 

Femi Ibiwoye, CTO, leads Product Development
Femi was Tech lead at PASS.NG, an app that has helped over 500,000 students to prepare for university exams. He co-founded and previously ran a 20-engineer IT outsourcing firm that has implemented complex ERP projects, most prominent being for the Nigerian Medical Association. 

Caleb Babatunde, Product Lead, leads product design and content development
Caleb brings 5+ years expertise from product design, including previous work at Quizac where he helped design and build Quizac, a gamified multiplayer revision app for kids.  

Seyi Adelaju, Growth Lead, leads Marketing and Sales
Seyi has 7+ years experience in growing and managing Technology companies, having led growth at Schoolscompass.com.ng, growing its user base 10 times within a 24 months period, into the country’s foremost schools’ discovery platform.