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Helping informal logistics providers to earn more, get paid quickly, and grow their business


Informal logistics providers in the construction, mining, and oil & gas industries work on lucrative projects but are also some of the poorest people in the country, because they do all the work but capture very little value.


Empower informal logistics providers to earn more, get paid quickly, and grow their business to help get more assets on the road to power infrastructure development in Africa. Kadi Africa aggregates short-term and long-term haulage projects and provides an AI/ML-based cost/risk prediction algorithm, payment API integration, and access to working capital to help them lower operating costs, reduce payment default risks, and speed up financial transactions.





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Paul-Miki Akpablie: CEO, leading operations, sales, and fundraising
Paul-Miki built and scaled the first battery storage company in Africa with a key focus on rural electrification. He also managed products at Google and Logitech. Thus, he has key market insights and critical connections to execute this business.

Sagar Shah: CTO, managing Product Development
Sagar was the Lead Engineer at KeepTruckin, a trucking and fleet management unicorn in the US. He also built software for Credit Suisse. Therefore, he has a deep understanding of how to build and scale applications in the logistics and financial sector.

Klaus Koby Torwoe: Country Manager and Operations Lead
Klaus is an innovative and technology driven Business Development Professional with 10+ years experience in the financial services industry.