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Connecting healthcare providers and personnel without middlemen


By 2030, there will be a healthcare personnel shortage of 18 million. Huge amounts of tax-payer money is already spent on finding and placing locum (temporary) staff and these costs are expected to grow rapidly. As well as the added cost, the systems are opaque; they lack review systems to monitor staff performance and their lack of transparency enable discrimitation to take place.


A marketplace specifically designed for the sector with the aim to increase patient safety. At a fraction of the cost and time, MyPick automates healthcare staff license checks and uses AI-assisted matching, based on qualifications and individual needs. Manual administrative tasks are also automated so users can focus on building relationships, rather than filling forms.





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Hani Movahed, CEO, leading Fundraising and Sales while managing Product Development
Hani has a Masters in Computer Science with a strong technical background combined with many years of experience in leading 100+ people organisations. Prior to MyPick Hani was Head of Sales at Tieto, the third largest IT company in the Nordics, where he led a team within bank and finance.

Meybod Kia, COO, leading and managing Marketing and Operations
Meybod is a doctor specialising in Family Medicine with 10+ years of Swedish and international clinical work. From his time studying abroad, Meybod has built a unique network in the healthcare sector which stretches worldwide. He is also the founder and moderator of the biggest network for doctors in Swedish primary care.