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Enabling businesses and individuals to make and collect payments as though there were no borders, currencies or constraints


Businesses and individuals in Africa have many payment collection and disbursement channels, which leads to redundancies, obscurity, and downstream disruptions. For example, micro-financing schemes, which play a key part in financial inclusion, have to absorb huge costs in order to manage all the disbursal and payments channels for their relatively poor clients.


Enabling the ability to make and receive payments as though there were no borders, no currencies, and no constraints within, into and from Africa. To remove borders Nash digitizes core financial services infrastructure, builds rails where these are non-existent and unifies all existing payment rails. To remove constraints Nash provides targeted financial products (credit, investments, insurance) to individuals & businesses and provides a single view of their financial health.





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Anthony Wagacha: CEO, leading Sales, Partnerships, Fundraising, Strategy and Business Modelling
Anthony is a passionate entrepreneur with previous experience within investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and business consulting at KPMG. Anthony holds an MBA from Stanford University.

Lione Alushula: CTO, managing Product Design, Development and Roll-out
Lione’s experience includes being Tech Policy & Financial Inclusion Specialist at the Central Bank of Kenya and Data Analytics Associate at KPMG. Lione holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Oxford.

George Mbuthia: CPO, managing Infrastructure Development from our Financial Systems, ERPs and APIs
George is an experienced software engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry and companies including Innova Limited and Microsoft. George holds a Master’s degree in Financial Systems Engineering from University College London.