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A soil intelligence platform to increase yields, reduce fertilizers, and form the future of food.


The trillion-dollar agriculture industry is chemically intensive. Around 65% of the excessive Nitrogen and fertilizer we use in our agriculture remains in the environment, and destroys one third of global crop waste. Currently, the only available solution to evaluate soil nutrients is the collecting soil samples, and performing highly complex, expensive, and less accurate soil tests. Lack of real-time soil information leads to poor soil health and crop degradation, culminating in low crop yields, financial losses, and high carbon-nitrogen emissions.


SenseGrass is a Soil Intelligence Platform that helps companies and farmers reduce excessive nitrogen and fertilizer usage using a patented NPK sensor. SenseGrass optimizes crop data through an AI Agronomist, enabling on average 22% higher yields, 43% in energy savings and a 35% reduction in Nitrogen and fertilizer usage.





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Lalit Gautam: CEO, BioTech Scientist, Sales and Marketing Lead
Lalit is a CEO and Co-Founder of SenseGrass. Lalit graduated with a degree in Pharmaceutical Science and an MBA in International Marketing and Finance. He is a dynamic serial entrepreneur and has founded four startups, three of which were funded with one exit. Lalit is a Forbes, MIT, and Ashoka awarded entrepreneur and mentor at various universities.

Rahul Gundla: CPO, Product head, Stack and IoT lead
Rahul completed his master's in product development from the University of Maryland and recently received a bachelor’s degree from IIT-D in CS. He has 11 international papers in Siggraph, IEEE, and HCVI among others, in the fields of robotics, computer graphics, & design principles. HHas also worked as a solution architect in large-scale enterprise applications including HDMC smart city project & Other SaaS applications used in banks & government bodies.